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Creating Indonesia’s First Peat Monitoring platform

A collaborative project to create a digital ecosystem monitoring peat-restoration efforts.
The Challenge:
How might we educate public, encourage forest fire prevention and monitor peat restoration efforts?
Pantau Gambut is an initiative spearheaded by World Resources Institute (WRI) and 19 other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and local Civil Service Organizations (CSOs) across Indonesia.
Pantau Gambut aims to be a trustworthy and reliable resource that users can easily access — where commitments to peat restoration can be tracked in detail.

The scope

An online platform, complemented with an educational campaign page and social media plan.
Our scope of work for this initiative includes
Product Strategy
Creating a digital product strategy
Product Design
Designing the Pantau Gambut platform and building the digital ecosystem.
Development Support
Supporting the platform development with our partner — Catalyze Communications
Product Evaluation
Evaluating and improving the performance of the platform through data and analysis
Digital Campaign
Strategizing the digital campaign plan together with our campaign partner — 6616

The features

Four features packaged for environmental newbies and peat experts!
Our team created an online platform geared to engage users to track, learn, and share information about peatland.
Pantau Komitmen
Monitor Commitments
Peta Restorasi
Restoration Map
Berbagi Cerita
Share Your Story
Peat Education

Pantau Komitmen / Commitment Monitor

The commitment monitor helps those interested in peat to understand the restoration progress related to the pledges the government has made. Tracking the restored areas and continuously updating current information

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Peta Restorasi / Restoration Map

The restoration map gives users an overview of activities happening across the country. From restoration players to activities in the priority provinces can be monitored. In collaboration with local CSOs, the map is kept up to date through regular reports.

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Berbagi Cerita / Share your Story

Share your Stories allows the peat restoration actors to contribute through writing. It creates a space to share experiences, techniques, and opinions about relevant conditions on peatlands. With the support of our community managers — Madani, we have created workshops in provinces across Indonesia to aid in writing.

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Pelajari / Learn

Pelajari educates those who are new to the topic and curious to know more. The resource has been compiled from credible sources by our content experts — WRI Indonesia. We believe that it is important to understand the topic to be able to support and take action. This feature equips those with the budding interest to inspire their community.

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Raising awareness through compelling narratives and interactive storytelling

The campaign page serves bite-sized content, easily digestible for people who are not environmentally-savvy. Through a scrolling interaction, the page walks through vital information about peat using other interactive elements like videos, virtual reality (360 images), and illustrations.

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I am tremendously pleased with the collaboration Sixty Two bring in helping us build a new web platform and all of its online content. Looking back, we initially came to Sixty Two with a novel and, rather, an abstract concept of an environmental-related virtual platform where people could be persuaded to participate in the protection and preservation of a damaged ecosystem in key provinces in Indonesia. Sixty Two helped us not only in translating our idea into a workable visuals but also advised us on how the content and digital ecosystem could be improved and adapted further from the result of a good UI / UX.

Sixty Two pushed us to think beyond our initial scope and imagination while ensuring that the design and shape of the platform are continually adjusted based on data and performance indicators to fit into the needs of our users. We foresee a long term and fruitful collaboration with Sixty Two, as partners and advisers to our many endeavour.
Almo Pradana - Energy and Climate Manager WRI Indonesia

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