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From conceptualization, strategizing the digital ecosystem to crafting product growth & interactions, we do our best to understand you; maybe even better than yourself. We’ll skip the drama, but hey, if its Game of Thrones, count us in!
Dance like there's no tomorrow.
Had an amazing experience sharing at IxDD 2020: Culture and Sustainability.
Bowling time!!
Where friendships are destroyed. 😆
Discovered genius actors & storytellers in our midst.
Had so much fun spending time together playing charades.
Fikrun and Thasya shared their amazing work on the AR Eid 2020 Greeting Cardss with other fellow designers in Indonesia.
Painting virtuoso!
Such an amazing experience could talk about sustainability at IxDD 2020.
Had so much fun playing "You've Got Crabs".
Despite the coronavirus, we still had time to virtually spend time together on this 2020 outing. #SixtyTwoSlowLife2020.
SixtyTwo x Bartega - painting skill unlocked!
Memories of #SixtyTwoSlowLife2019.
Play hard, work think hard. #SixtyTwoSlowLife2019.
Our first christmas gift exchange #SentulTeamAssemble2018.
Had a great time with a breathtaking view of Sigiriya Rock Worth the hike!
Volunteered in a temple renovation program in Sri Lanka.
Our way to celebrate from distance.
Our first outing ever! #Bali.
Product Strategy sharing session by Vilia.
Renovated a temple in Sri Lanka #SixtyTwoOuting2018.
Vilia as a speaker on UX event at conclave.
Met the other fellow volunteers in Sri Lanka.
Brainstorming is an important part of our creative process.
Exchange of ideas among the internal team members during a design exercise.
#SixtyTwoSlowLife2019 in Nusa Ceningan.

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We’re humbled that our designs have been recognized on the global stage.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championship.”
— Michael Jordan -

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